Screen Printing with Fully Promoted (powered by EmbroidMe)

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a tried and trusted method to brand your uniforms and Fully Promoted uses the tried and tested methods we used when we were EmbroidMe.

At Fully Promoted (powered by EmbroidMe) you can print on most garments, including t-shirts, polos, jackets, bags and aprons, using this highly versatile printing method. Minimum quantities apply.

With screen printing, your logo is reproduced by squeezing inks through mesh screens directly onto your garments. A separate mesh screen is required for each colour in your logo so designs with many colours cost more than simple one colour designs.

Screen Printing


T-Shirts, Polos and Singlets
Hoodies, Sweat Shirts and Jackets
Hi Vis Workwear
Bags - School, Sport/Team, Laptop, Conference
Promotional Bags - Calico, Cotton, Non-Woven Fabric
Reusable Coffee Cups

How Screen Printing Works

Screen printing is a traditional stencil method where your artwork is printed by pushing inks through a stencil on a mesh screen directly onto the garment. Your logo or artwork has to be separated into solid colours and a separate mesh screen is prepared for each colour in your artwork.


  • Best choice for large orders with a large print area.
  • Ideal for branding on pockets or seams.
  • Not as durable as embroidery - if you wash and wear your garments regularly, embroidery may be a better option.
  • We require high quality files of your logo/artwork. We accept AI, EPS, PDF or JPG.
  • Colour combinations are limited. Maximum number of printed colours is usually six.
  • Screen printing can only be applied to flat surfaces.

Screen Printing Examples


Can I print the same design on different items?

Absolutely! In many cases, we provide complete branding solutions for uniforms and promotional products, from T-shirts and hoodies, to aprons and bags. Talk to your local store about customisation options.

I want to print my logo on several different shirts, can you do that?

Yes, no problem at all – so long as the ink colours are the same, or we can change colours for an additional fee.

What are the advantages of screen printing?

- Best for bulk orders.
- Vibrant, crisp finish and colours.
- Versatile - can be printed on almost any surface.

What are the disadvantages of screen printing?

- Not practical for small volume runs
- The more colours you pick, the more set up is involved, and the higher the cost.
- Photos are difficult to reproduce.


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