Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation

Ideal for special finishes, printing photos or designs with a lot of detail and colours.

Dye sublimation printing (also known as all over printing) is a full colour, full-coverage printing technique. Sublimation is the technique of transferring a special dye onto a polyester fabric. Your artwork is printed onto paper and pressed onto the fabric using high heat. Colours are extremely vibrant and photo-realistic, with a durable and smooth feel. The design possibilities are therefore endless!

It is most effective on white or lightly coloured fabrics, and can print in full colour, including fluoro, metallic and reflective colours. It is commonly used in fashion clothing and sportswear.

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Uniforms requiring full coverage, or feature many sponsors or logos
Uniforms requiring a full custom look - colours, gradients and artwork variations are simplified
T-Shirts, Singlets, Polos, Rugby Tops
Sports and Team Uniforms
Hi Vis Workwear
Promotional Products - Towels, Table Covers, Badges & Tags, Flags, Lanyards, Ceramic Mugs, and more!

How Dye Sublimation Works

Your artwork is printed onto a special paper and transferred onto a white or lightly coloured polyester garment by applying high heat and pressure. The solid dye particles convert into gas -- known as sublimation -- where they diffuse into the polyester fibres and re-solidify. Unlike screen printing, embroidery or transferse, the dye is permanently stained into the fabric. It’s a little like tattooing, but instead of needles, paper and heat are used to stain fabric dot by dot.


  • Economical choice for low-volume printing.
  • Perfect substitute for screen printing for small jobs.
  • Dye sublimation can only be used on white or high polyester blend fabrics, whereas heat transfer can be used on cotton and polyester as well as dark or light coloured fabrics.
  • As it is custom-made, sublimated apparel takes longer to produce than other branding methods.

Dye Sublimation Examples


What are the advantages of dye sublimation?

- Artwork is permanently fused into your garments, so it will not peel or fade.
- Dye has a very soft hand feel - it will not build up on the fabric when printing.
- Colours are vibrant and high quality.
- Decorate the whole garment – front, back and sleeves – for maximum impact
- Garment and logo colours can be exactly matched to your brand
- Easy to wash and care for, no ironing of garments required

What are the disadvantages of dye sublimation?

- Dye Sublimation can only be applied to white or lightly coloured polyester garments.
- Minimum quantities will apply.
- Cannot be applied on ready-made garments.
- Sublimation takes longer than other methods of decoration.
- Exact colour matching through the Pantone Matching System may not be possible.


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